madrobin (madrobin) wrote,

Trip report, part 1: welcoming chance intrusions

I just got back from everyone's idea of fun: two days in New Jersey.

As I waited to board my flight to Jersey, I hear "Sam???". One of the best known contra dance callers in the world. On my flight. I scramble to get us reseated together.

It turns out she's started to call English dances in the last year, and she's calling an experienced dance this Friday (today). And she'd been putting off working on her program until she was done with this weekend of contra calling.

We spent the 3.5 hour flight listening to her iPod (yay, traveling with an audio splitter) and working up over a dozen English dances, some of which I've been meaning to work up, too. So I have new repertoire. And I had a lot of fun.
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